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Quasimado Quiltpatch Quinn Buck
Quote the Raven Radiant Magic Raging Tiger
Rags to Riches Rainbow Candy Rainbow Eyes
Rain Dance Raise the Standard Ransom Note
Rapid Eye Movement Raspberry Candy Raspberry Fields Forever
Raspberry Winter Rave On Realized Fantasy
Real Wind Reason for Treason Red Eyed Shocker
Red Fang Red Grace Red Ribbons
Red Suspenders Reflections in Time Regal Braid
Renegade Lady Respighi Rhapsody in Time
Robert Moyes Rock Solid Rodeo Sweetheart
Rose Corsage Rose Emily Roses in Snow
Roswitha Rouge and Lace Royal Braid
Royal Celebration Royal Heritage Royal Saracen
Ruby Spider Ruffian's Apprentice Ruffled Apricot
Ruffled Dude Rushing Delight Russian Easter
Romeo is Bleeding Red Feathers Ruth Whitten
Rhythm and Blues Rosy Scenario Ruffled Perfection
Russian Rhapsody Rose Parfait Rhine Maiden
Rosy Rhino Ruffled Beauty Rage of Paris
Rhodolite Prism Ram Scott Fox
Stone Beacon Sewing Circle Stitch in Time
Santiago Heat Sabra Salina South Seas
Swedish Girl Seize the Night Speedo
Sedona Something Splendid Shadow Warrior
Sabine Baur Salem Witch Samba do Brasil
Sanford Troubadour Satanic Majesty Satan's Curls
Satan's Fire Scarlet Lace Shady Lady
Song of Singapore Schischa Schnikel Fritz
Seal of Approval Second Glance Secret Splendor
Seductor See My Etchings Seismic Force
Seminole Wind Senegal Sepal Streaker
Serena Sunburst Shaka Zulu Sharkbite
Sherry Fair Sherry Lane Carr Shimmering Elegance
Silent Sentry Silken Touch Siloam Bo Peep
Siloam David Kirchhoff Siloam Double Classic Siloam Olin Frazier
Siloam Paul Watts Siloam Show Girl Simply Sensational
Skinwalker Smokey Mountain Autumn Smuggler's Gold
So Exited Soft Summer Night Solar Max
Solid Geometry Solomons Robes So Many Stars
Something Wonderful Song Without Words Sonic Bloom
Southern Charmer Southern Coral Spacecoast Cherries and Cream
Spacecoast Bold Scheme Spacecoast Cotton Candy Spacecoast Cranberry Breeze
Spacecoast Dixie Chick Spacecoast Extreme Fashion Spacecoast Fancy Dancer
Spacecoast Gator Eye Spacecoast Picotee Prince Spacecoast  Surprise Purple
Spacecoast Ruffles Spacecoast Starburst Spacecoast Sweetness
Spanish Glow Spectacular Spice Hunter
Spider Miracle Spiritual Corridor Splendid Touch
Squaredancers Qurtsy Starfish Moon Starmans Quest
Star of Fantasy Star of India Star of the Mountains
Startle Steve Trimmer Stippled Stars
Strange Eyes Strawberry Candy Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Lace Street Urchin Succes Story
Sultry Smile Sumatran Tiger Summer Dragon
Sunny Eyes Super Red Eye Summer Wine
Sungold Candy Super Purple Super Ruffled Dude
Surprises Inside Surf Surprising Anomoly
Susan Weber Swallowtail Kite Swashbuckler Bay
Sweet Juenesse Sweet Love Of Heaven Sweet Sugar Candy
Sweet Summer Heat Sword Of Honor Sybil's Blues
Showbiz Kid Satin Bird Stolen Treasure
Still Night Sargeant Major